When my blog started hitting some high numbers, it was suggested to me that I use Amazon Affiliates.  This means that I receive 3%-4% of your total in “amazon bucks” if you purchase something directly from the link in my blog.  You do not have to purchase products this way.  If you do not want me to receive any money using affiliate links, simply close your browser and reopen to the site you wish to purchase from.

Some people might not like this, but when I give you product ideas that I like or that have helped me, it makes sense that I might like to receive a small amount for taking the time to write about, review, and give readers that information.  Putting this blog together does take time and energy. Many bloggers operate this way. I only give links to products I have personally used and personally feel have been helpful to me and I always try to remain honest about what I know (not a whole lot, sometimes) and what I don’t know (what I don’t know is vast, I tell ya!). Amazon affiliates is the ONLY affiliate partner I am working with where money is exchanged (in the form of amazon bucks).

Disclosure statement:

“The Ballad of Joe and Katie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“curiousuproarioushilariousgregarious.wordpress.com” (amazon.com, or endless.com, MYHABIT.com, SmallParts.com, or AmazonWireless.com). – See more at: http://marketingwithsara.com/amazon/warning-to-all-affiliate-marketers#sthash.RXibVPhw.dpuf

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