Other than my life history in a teeny bloggish nutshell

 (which is on the following tab)

I should start with this: 


I am 36 years old.  I am most likely a social worker for life. I have found a true home in Hawai’i nei and am honored to live here.  I am blessed with an incredibly adorable, kind and intelligent husband.  I have a huge family that loves me and supports me.  I have better friends than you do…I’m sure of it, I’m sorry to say!  I am a  staunch feminist.  I am having trouble being and accepting that I am in my mid 30s.  I am completely addicted to cottage cheese.  I can be way too blunt and honest and I can also be the biggest wuss you’ve ever met.  I am both mysteriously self-assured and totally insecure.  I am hopelessly obsessed with “Anchorman”, “The Office”, and “30 Rock.”  I am hugely outgoing but also love being a recluse and reading a good book or pigging out and watching “Gilmore Girls” reruns.  I play guitar and sing.  I am not sure I want to have children.  I believe in God, but for many years now have been searching for exactly what that means and how it feels, fits in, or frames my life.  I laugh at everything and love a quirky, off-beat sense of humor.  I HATE cold weather and cold weather clothing.  I would travel anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.  My little sister is my best friend in the entire world; my soul sister, my Shoo.  I WILL beat you at Dr. Mario, HORSE, or a karaoke contest.  I am extremely open-minded about race and religion and love to discuss these (as long as you are open too).  I hate arrogant men and I despise women that rely solely on their looks.  I love running and hope to run my 5th marathon this year.   I love learning about people and other cultures.  I drink way too much coffee and not enough whiskey.  I will always miss two things:  the Philippines and my Momma.  I have been married for 12 years.  I love dancing with the girls and drinking beer with the boys.  I am stubborn, bubbly, goofy as hell, a bleeding heart and always, always, ALWAYS up for a challenge.  🙂


8 Responses to “Lil’ ol’ Katie”

  1. Faye said

    you’re #*@)! awesome Katherine 🙂 and I love you to bits.


  2. Wife #2 said

    And you are my wife! ❤


  3. Celina Q said

    You have better friends than me?? Luckily we have some of the same friends 😉
    Love you, Katie! ❤


  4. Hi Katie, Your blog is so encouraging. I feel so many of your same emotions and it makes me feel less alone. I, too, have done two 21 days fasts using Vivonex Plus. I thought I would finish and feel much better, but also found out I have h pylori. I am not sure which protocol I will choose. Thank you for all your efforts. Wish I could talk to you. Grateful for you, Heidi


    • Aw many thanks, Heidi! Phew, two times on Vivonex is rough! Glad you at least found the pylori…maybe once you get it taken care of you will start to finally feel better! Feel free to message me any time and thank you for the kind words. ❤


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