It’s official: The island doesn’t want us to leave

October 9, 2010

We’ve been called back to the island, like the fated characters of “LOST”.  We are 100%, officially staying on Oahu!  Joe formally accepted a position today with Johnson Controls, a large company that he has been very interested in.  He’s really excited and I am so proud of him!  It’s a huge step up for him, a giant leap career-wise.  He’s now in upper management and has taken a 2 year contract with the company. In case some of you don’t know, Joe is an environmental engineer.  For the last several years, he has been working on energy-savings projects, which bascially means he accepts (usually) large contracts such as prisons, schools, military bases and the like.  They then upgrade the facilities to be more environmentally sound and energy efficient, saving the client money in the long run. Johnson Controls is being hired to upgrade all 4 community colleges on Oahu.  It’s a huge (30 million dollar) project that he will be managing.  Congrats, babe!!!


When we first came back to Oahu, the original intention (as most of you know) was to take some time to figure out where we were going to live and what we wanted our next step to be.  We had many friends to visit and knew we could virtually live for free on the island while we figured things out.  Our intention wasn’t really to stay – we just left a year ago!  After being here about a month, Joe was  sorting through some job possibilities and this one rightly landed in his lap.  He came back from the interview allll excited and pumped up.  As mentioned above, it was a huge step up and a project/company he was excited about.  I was a little apprehensive; don’t get me wrong, you all KNOW how much I adore Hawaii, but we had determined that this visit would be temporary, and while we had plans to someday maybe return, we were both excited about the prospect of traveling eslewhere or even living abroad again.  It eventually came down to two main job possibilities, after sifting through several options: one in Hawaii and one in Japan.  Talk about stress – we didn’t even know what continent we were going to be on! I had mixed feelings: on the one hand, I was THRILLED at the possibility of staying on my beloved little island and on the other hand, I was excited about a whole new country and all of the challenges that come with.  Our answer soon became clear however, as Johnson Controls was a better opportunity and were willing to make an offer sooner.  So now we are hunting for a place to call home, looking for a car and gearing up to start a new life in the ‘aina!  I cannot WAIT to have a HOME!  I am so excited to unpack my suitcases – I have lived out of a suitcase since March!  While it was fun to travel around, it will be really nice to just stay put for awhile.  I have found myself daydreaming about ridiculous things, such as plates and bowls and serving platters…pictures to place on the wall, pretty towels in bathrooms…I am obviously ready to NEST.  Who would’ve thought?!?!  The girl that never wanted to put down roots is suddenly daydreaming about it.  It’s hard to say if this is just a phase brought on by months of uncertainty and travel, or if I am just actually, dare I say, changing?  (Notice I refuse to say “growing up” because I don’t think being a “grown-up” is merely owning a home, or having children, or being married…it is simply taking charge of your own life, in my humble opinion).  But still, interesting, huh?


We’ve been subleting a cute little studio in Kaimuki (FINALLY close to town!) while we look for a more permanent place.  The studio is right near the town center, close enough to walk to restaurants and coffee shops, just the way I like it!  We have the most GORGEOUS view of the city, Diamond Head, and the ocean from up here.  It’s beautiful! 



Other than that, we are just trying to get our ducks in a row, and enjoying spending time with our wonderful friends here on the island.  I want to say a hearty thank you to all of our friends on the island that helped us in a million little ways.  Letting us borrow your car, take us to the grocery store, put us up in your spare room(s), live on your boat!  Even just encouraging words were so much appreciated.  Once we get settled we intend to have a big champagne brunch at our new pad to say thank you.  🙂  We are celebrating this weekend with good friends and can’t wait to being this new chapter in our lives.  Love and aloha to all!




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