Of all of the blog joints in all the world, you logged into mine…

January 23, 2010


Blasting into the blogosphere.  For years I’ve made fun of bloggers while secretly harboring envy that my writing skills lacked the talent you need to not appear completely vain but only witty and clever and oh-so-casual about casting your charming thoughts into the great void.  I wanted to cast MY amusing and scintillating thoughts into the great void!  However, I knew I lacked the alluring talent of writing so I acted like a child on the playground that can’t play softball so makes fun of those that can.  Now I have forced myself to come clean about my private desires! [sheepish grin]


 This blog is really about Joe and I – our whereabouts, our travels, our lives.  I harbor no grand illusions about this blog being followed by countless faithful friends, but decided since we do move around so much, it would be a great way for those of you that are so inclined, to keep tabs on us.  I don’t intend to spend hours examining and re-examining my blogs, so please expect several typos and grammatical errors with my apologies. 


Joe and I have felt quite nomadic lately.  We have gone here and there toting all of our belongings with us like turtles.  And while I miss having a place to actually call “home” there is something lovely and simple about not being attached to possessions and starting fresh.  Of course it didn’t begin that way…when we decided to move to Hawaii and sell virtually everything we owned many years ago, I was distraught, uptight and somewhat panicked to throw or give away my life’s possessions.  After actually moving however, I realized that stuff is just that…stuff.  I hopped on the zen train!  Though don’t hold it against me in a few months when I am weirdly excited about picking out sconces and cabinet handles. 


Weird transitions: Indianapolis to Honolulu, Honolulu to Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires to Madisonville.  Talk about culture shock all around!  Consider us shocked.  I should have begun this blog in Hawaii, as some of the most memorable and fantastic experiences of my life occurred there, or at least started it in Argentina, which was incredibly interesting and eye-opening.  But instead I chose to start it in sleepy Madisonville, where we are unemployed and car-less and generally sit around during the day staring at each other and checking my Facebook frequently to see if anyone has commented on my status.  


It’s been fun and interesting being home.  I haven’t been to Kentucky in 2 years, though Madisonville has a way of making me feel like I never left.  Though I have never felt much of a connection to my hometown, it will always be a part of me.  Everything is familiar.  I love the accents, the food, the Southern way.  Whereas it used to irritate me it now comforts and amuses me, in a loving, good way.  I have never really felt like I belonged here, even as a young girl.  I can’t explain exactly why…but it’s always there, like a swimmer’s hair flowing silently behind her and sometimes slowing her down.  I was always itching to leave, to get out, but now that I have been gone, I think of it fondly and always enjoy coming back.  **Disclaimer** just because I have always felt this way, doesn’t mean I think you should.  Everyone must find their own path.  Please don’t think I am not respectful of everyone’s choices or station in life.  **Disclaimer End**   But soon it will be time to leave again…what can I say…these boots were made for walkin’. 


I plan to write about Argentina and Hawaii though it will lose some of its bitter honesty because of course I recall only the wonderful experiences.  But isn’t it better in to look at life that way in general?  That’s what I’m going with, regardless.  So stay tuned!  Or check out the above sections “About me” and “My Life” to understand more of where we’ve been over the last several years.  I know you are biting your nails in anticipation of my next entry.  😉



The Caldwells...after which this ballad is named

7 Responses to “Of all of the blog joints in all the world, you logged into mine…”

  1. Joe said

    Great job, Katie!


  2. Natalie L said

    Yay!!! Very cute 🙂


  3. Cindy Caldwell said



  4. STEEK! said

    Hi guys!

    I love your blog and cant wait for the next post! Miss and love you both.


    Steek =O)


  5. Caitlan said

    Love it…the title of this post is brilliant 🙂 You’re a great writer!

    Miss you!


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